Resource Center


The mission of the Resource Center on Domestic Violence: Child Protection and Custody is to provide access to the best possible source of information and tangible assistance to those working in the field of domestic violence and child protection and custody. The resource center will chart a future in which child protection and custody cases involving family violence are handled in a manner which recognizes the complexity of the legal, cultural, and psychological dynamics and provides protection and relief for all victims in the family. With our assistance, we aim to give legal advice and to offer a picture to the courts that will hopefully shape the future in a positive manner when dealing with domestic violence. The mission is not a simple one but it is one where we will not falter. Keeping our children safe and protected from all kind of violence is a must, and especially from domestic violence as that is the most destructive kind for a healthy development of children.

Technical and Training Services

Technical Assistance

The resource center features a staff with diverse professional and educational backgrounds working together to provide the best in technical assistance. Staff members work to assess the needs of each caller and tailor assistance to meet those needs. Additionally, the staff has had many years of experience which they use to implement the best possible solutions to every case on a need-by-need basis.

Training Assistance

NCFJCJ and its Family Violence Department bring many years of quality, national-level training experience to the resource center. Staff members work in conjunction with those in the field to develop training on the impact of domestic violence on children and child protection and custody issues in the context of family violence. The staff works cooperatively with callers to develop and provide training appropriate to the unique needs of each community or professional group. Staff also works in conjunction with national experts to develop and provide training materials. The best method to preventing any form of domestic abuse is to educate and train people how to spot and help people who are potential victims.

Policy Development

Services for battered mothers and the impact of domestic violence on children are continuing areas of scholarship, research, public policy, and the law. The resource center provides leadership to improve services and court practices by:

– Convening annually a multidisciplinary panel of experts to assist in the development of policy recommendations;

– Developing special projects to address needs in the field;

– Gathering experts and consultants in policy working groups to tackle specific complex issues.


The Family Violence Department has created a number of leading family violence publications, all of which are available through the resource center. Here you will be able to look up and read on all the information regarding domestic violence. Every publication is vetted so as to not intrude on the private lives of the victims of domestic abuse.

Our research network deals with other organizations and shares its findings and information. With such a vast amount of people involved in helping victims of domestic abuse we are certain that we will be able to lead the fight against this act of the dark ages, and that we will be able to provide change in the potential future as domestic violence should never be tolerated and accepted in any culture as something normal.