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We are a private non-profit organization that works with victims of domestic violence in order to help them escape their hell and enter a new life with opportunity and hope. We provide assistance while maintaining a confidential relationship so we don’t cause additional pain and harm to the domestic violence victims.

Our services include assistance for domestic violence of rape, child abuse, child sexual abuse, forced drug abuse, using coercion and threats abuse, emotional abuse, isolation abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, and harassment.

We are professionals trained to help a wide range of topics that include crisis intervention, shelter aid, counseling, legal counseling, medical counseling, social services aid, children support groups, community prevention programs, and extensive education on the domestic violence topic.

We assist both people who have experienced domestic abuse in the past, experience it now, or for their friends and family who are living in such conditions now.

We aim to help all individuals that are victims of domestic abuse regardless of race, color, religion, culture, national origin, gender, age, financial status, sexual orientation and any and all mental or physical disabilities. If you in any way, shape or form belong to any of these groups and are a victim of domestic violence or if your loved one is a victim don’t hesitate to contact us and inform yourself about the possibilities on how to escape such a life. Remember we are here for you, you are not alone.

Our philosophy and stance on domestic violence

Domestic violence has been present in human society since the dark ages, however, we don’t live in the dark ages anymore and our roles and relationships in the present world have evolved and changed. Domestic violence of any form is not acceptable by any standards and everyone has their human right to live out their lives free of domestic violence. Even though the majority of domestic violence aggressors are male it is also possible for males to be victims of domestic violence. We do not discriminate based on gender or any other discriminatory factor so don’t hesitate to ask for help wherever you are and no matter how long you have lived in a domestic violent surrounding.