Guide on How to Replace A Car Battery by Yourself

Replace a car battery is not complex as you think, you can do it easily without taking your car to services. It take you about ten minutes or less!

How to Replace A Car Battery

How to Disconnect Your Car Battery Safely

When you want to disconnect your car battery for replacement or other purposes, you should have a back up source that keep car computer memory alive. It mean your car without losing your radio code and dashboard setting.

So, what is a back up power source? It maybe another car battery, motorcycle battery, li-on batteries or even 9v alkaline batteries and so on, which supply temporary energy to maintain car computer memory systems alive during waiting for install new battery. This back up power source can connect directly to battery cables or via OBD2 connector or via the cigarette lighter connector.

Of course, your car can’t be damaged if you don’t have a back up source when disconnecting car battery. Everything just returns default and the adaptive car memory take a bit of time to relearn and finding the optimize point for operating as before.

Many latest car built-in a backup power which helps car computer memory systems alive for a period of time. Please refer to the your car information.

Step by Step on How To Replace A Car Battery

Below is some simple steps which will show you how to remove old and installing new car battery for quickly.

1/ First, you have to stop your engine car, remove the ignition key out and then finding the place which battery has been put in.

2/ Connecting back up power source to your car via OBD2 port or cigarette lighter port or directly battery cable (it depend on what kind of back-up-power-source that has the different way to connect)

3/ Using the tools (wrench) remove the terminal of negative battery cable (-) and then remove the terminal of positive battery cable (+). Do not do in reverse order, it is so dangerous! The sensors or/and other devices can be burned or working with malfunction.

Why? That’s because when you use the wrench to remove the POS (+) first, it can cause of short circuits if the wrench touch into any metal parts of car (the negative terminal of battery was connected to the chassis) by indiscreetness during wrenching.

[color-box]Note: Be extremely careful, do not to place metal tools or other metal objects across the two battery post, it is caused short circuit and can be explode.[/color-box]

4/ Remove the battery support/tray and get your car battery out.

5/ Checking the battery cables, you need to clean it if they are corroded or replacing new one if they are damaged.

6/ Before install new battery, be sure your battery is fully charged. And when connect battery cables, you have to connect the positive battery cable (+) first, then negative battery cable (-) last.

Tips to Keep Your Car Battery is Long Lifespan

  • Always check and keep the terminal between battery and cables is clean and tight.
  • If your car has stored for a long time, you should recharge battery for one a month.
  • With maintenance-required car batteries, you need to check the fluid’s battery level regularly. If it is low, you have to add pure water to battery’s upper level.

And that’s all!

Replace a car battery is so easy, just take minutes. Let follow and do it!